Results Aside, Can the Nation Move Forward After Nov. 2nd?

Barry Hussein ObamaYes the Republicans are finishing strong. Yes they will probably take the House and maybe even the Senate, but does it really matter? I am not about to suggest that I would like the opposite to happen, but the defining issues of the day aside, what really concerns Americans is the day after Nov. 2nd. Will Washington get the point? Will the President begin to back off pushing a pure ideological agenda and rather focus on getting the economy back on track?These are the questions people are wondering about.  Because no matter the level of Republican victory in 6 days, the President and the Congress will have to get along.  They will have to work together to bring America out of the pit of despair.This is the question on everyone’s mind:  What will Washington do the day after Nov. 2nd?

Dan Kazan

Dan Kazan has had years of experience writing for some of the largest newspapers and magazines in the USA. He was one of the first pioneers in bringing the news online and has focused most of his recent energies into making Left Justified the high quality online news and opinion site which it is.Dan can be reached at dankazan(at)

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