Republicans Set to Gain

If polls are correct Republican numbers are trending higher with each day that goes on.  Needing 39 seats to regain the House of Representatives, the Republicans are competitive in close to 100! This unprecedented turn of events from 2 years ago is largely the result of a floundering economy and what many people see as a disconnected Washington.Most pundits concur that the Republicans are poised to retake the House and perhaps even the Senate, but many are still wondering what the nature of the relationship between the President and the Republicans will be after the election.  The answer to this question will form the level of cooperation and success the government will have in restoring the trust of the American people.

Dan Kazan

Dan Kazan has had years of experience writing for some of the largest newspapers and magazines in the USA. He was one of the first pioneers in bringing the news online and has focused most of his recent energies into making Left Justified the high quality online news and opinion site which it is.Dan can be reached at dankazan(at)

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