Recent Global Cyber-attack Could Force China’s Hand

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China has put up with North Korean hacking for some time, but the recent malware attack launched by North Korean hackers has awakened the sleeping dragon.

Already accused of such malicious cyber attacks as disrupting South Korean power plants, destroying computers at Sony Pictures, and pilfering $81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh, North Korean hackers may have gone too far with their latest global attack which caused a nasty cyber meltdown. And this could work to the United States’ interest.

One of the most harmed victims of the latest attack was China, and they are far from happy about it. According to some cyber security experts, China has been enabling North Korea’s hacking escapades by supplying the bandwidth they need, and even the physical space for thousands of hackers to attack corporate and government computer systems across the world.

The latest cyber disruption is making cyber security experts hopeful that Beijing will finally, after years of the US asking, that China will come down hard on North Korean black hat activities.

“This is creating a situation where China is forced to respond,” said Carl Wright, executive vice president at TrapX, a cyber firm that studies malware around the globe. “These type of situations, when you combine the physical and cyber together, can definitely be a tipping point.”

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