President Obama and the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

During his visit on Friday to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh President Barack Obama taped a radio and Internet address that aired Saturday about new technology innovations. During his visit to Carnegie Mellon, President Obama saw a display of mini-robots that can explore water and sewer pipes.

Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

He then announced a new Advanced Manufacturing Partnership that aims to unit manufacturing companies, universities and government organizations to create high-tech products. He hopes that the innovations will create jobs and spur growth while emphasizing cutting-edge research and new technology initiatives.As Obama explained in his address,

“Their mission is to come up with a way to get ideas from the drawing board to the manufacturing floor to the marketplace as swiftly as possible, which will help create quality jobs, and make our businesses more competitive.”

Job Creation and More

This initiative, called the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, includes $500 million that is aimed at job creation during this economic downturn. As Obama explained, “It’s a partnership that brings our federal government together with some of America’s most brilliant minds and some of America’s most innovative companies and manufacturers,” he said.

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