President Barack Obama Voices Opposition to Waterboarding

U.S. President Barack Obama has come out to voice his opinion about recent comments made by Republican presidential candidates. Several Republican candidates said during last Saturday’s debate that they would use waterboarding during interrogations if they become president.

Businessman Herman Cain and Representative Michelle Bachmann both said they would use these practices, and Texas Governor Rick Perry said he would use these techniques to get information that saves American lives.

Waterboarding is Wrong

President Barack Obama said that the Republican presidential hopefuls don’t really how “wrong” this technique is. On Sunday during a press conference, Mr. Obama explained that waterboarding is torture and he explained that anyone who really understands this practice would agree.

He said that waterboarding is

“contrary to America’s traditions.”

President George W. Bush Weighs In

Past presidents, including President George W. Bush, have used waterboarding. During Bush’s administration, the Justice Department issued a number of memos that let intelligence officers use harsh interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists, including waterboarding.

Mr. Bush, and his vice president Dick Cheney, have both defended the practice. Mr. Bush said that it saved American and British lives and Cheney said that he didn’t think waterboarding was actually torture.

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