Poll Finds Biden Debate Winner

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with supporters at a town hall hosted by the Iowa Asian and Latino Coalition at Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 33 in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore.

In a poll done by Morning Consult and Politico, 23% of viewers said that Joe Biden out-performed his competitors at the December 19 Democratic presidential debate. The debate took place in Los Angeles.

Senator Bernie Sanders
was the runner up to Biden, with 16% of those polled declaring him the winner. This was the first time Biden won the hearts of a plurality of viewers since the primary debate cycle began in June.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is considered a top contender for the nomination, only garnered the approval of 9% of respondents, while Mayor Pete Buttigieg just snuck past her with 10% believing he was the true winner of the debate.

The rest of the debaters fared similarly, with Senator Amy Klobuchar winning the hearts of 11% of viewers and Andrew Yang with 12%. Tom Steyer, the billionaire presidential hopeful, only persuaded 4% of the survey takers that he came out on top.

However, if the question was posed differently, it turned out that 53% said Sanders gave an “excellent” or “good” debate performance, beating Biden, with only 50% of respondents saying so.

The poll was done from December 20-22, and polled 1,994 registered Republican and Democratic voters.

Dan Kazan

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