Online Marketing Grows Up

Over the past few years, possibly even a decade, now, online marketing has become a leading industry of its own. Also known as internet marketing, web marketing, web advertising or e-marketing, this trend has swept the globe like a storm and transformed the face of today’s advertising industry.

E-marketing refers to all advertising that takes place on the internet, which includes e-mail, social media, search engines, and all other wireless media. The field of online marketing involves both creative and technical approaches to the internet, such as development, design, advertising and sales. A common strategy aims to engage web users based on their age, geological location, previous searches and social media activity.

Viral videos, blog posts, images and other media can be an example of online marketing, such as Dove’s short ‘Evolution’ clip that addressed the issue of media and photoshop, as well as the often unhealthy body image of teenage girls. ESPN’s “It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports” campaign uses a similar strategy to boost online interest and to promote their name across the web.

The internet marketing industry is becoming more and more significant, and as it develops, companies are established to focus solely on this market. A company such as Yodle reviews other businesses’ online marketing and provides professional internet marketing services.

Janice Marks

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