Obamacare Meeting its Goals: Helping Millions of the Un-insured

US Health Care Coverage Going Up with ACA
US Health Care Coverage Going Up with ACA

The preliminary observations are in: the Affordable Care Act is reducing the number of individuals and families without health insurance in the United States.

Despite a lack of hard data and contradictory statistics, even ACA’s most fervent detractors are admitting that the uninsured are getting covered. It is clear that millions of people who did not have health insurance before the launch of Obamacare do now. This news is great vindication for ACA, as the main point of the law was to get people without any kind of health insurance to be insured.

The statistics prove that people are being helped by ACA, vindicating the president and the supporters of the controversial legislation.

“It will be better when we’ve got a whole year behind us, so we can tell how much [in the surveys] was noise and how much was reality,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin of the conservative

American Action Forum, a frequent critic of the law. “Having said that, it sure looks like there are more people covered, and that’s a good thing.”

Dan Kazan

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