Obama: UN Speech, Meeting with PM Cameron

President Barack Obama had a busy day yesterday – although that’s certainly nothing new for the President of the United States. First, talking before the UN, Obama tried to avert a showdown that many say he helped to start on the Palestinian bid for statehood.

Obama Addresses UN…Too Late

His words, which could have had a much stronger impact when he spoke before the same delegation two years ago, included,

“Peace depends upon compromise among peoples who must live together long after our speeches are over, and our votes have been counted.”

Meeting with PM David Cameron

He also met yesterday with Prime Minister David Cameron, as the US President took the opportunity during the meeting to recognized the “extraordinarily special relationship” between the US and the UK. The two leaders met for half an hour in New York to discuss international security and the global economy. They also discussed Libya, the efforts to create peace in the Middle East, and the Arab Spring.Mr. Cameron chimed in by saying that the two countries have a relationship that is as “strong as it’s ever been.” The PM visited the New York Stock Exchange where he launched what is coined the “Great” campaign to get American businesses to invest in England.

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