Obama Returns From Asia Trip

Barak-ObamaObama will be facing a slew of issues as he returns from his three day business trip to Asia. On the list of far from unfinished business are domestic and foreign policy on topics such as trade to taxes, with the newly empowered Republicans ready to challenge him every step of the way.President Obama was in four Asian nations during his three day jaunt immediately on the heels of the mid-term elections which evicted many Obama Democrats in favor of a change in approach to solving the serious issues facing the United States at this time.Explaining the importance of his trip and what he learned not only from the trip but also from the elections, Obama told reporters aboard Air Force One that,“The American people were not issuing a mandate for gridlock.” “They want to see us make progress because they understand instinctively how competitive things are and how we have to step up our game.”

Alyssa Anderson

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