Obama Bid for President in 2012 Underway

According to Democratic sources President Barack Obama will be announcing the opening of his bid for president in the 2012 elections as early as next week. The sources said that Obama is planning on sending an electronic message to his most loyal grass-roots supporters as his opening volley towards attaining the presidency in 2012.

Campaign Based in Chicago

It is expected that the campaign will be headquartered in Chicago, just a few paces away from where the successful 2008 campaign was based. The atmosphere  for the coming election year is complex, with a recovering economy, a divisive Republican party in opposition and a highly volatile Middle East situation, all of which will come together to make an exciting race for president. Some pundits believe the campaign could raise as much as 1 billion dollars in its efforts to secure the post of leader of the United States for Obama.It is most likely that next Monday will be the day that Obama will file the required registration papers with the Federal Election Commission. Even if some earth-shaking event delays the filing to a later date, Obama aides are keen on having their most loyal supporters in the loop first, before the press goes too far with the story.

Electronic Announcement Expected

Supporters will be informed of the re-election campaign in the most up-to-date manner, natural to the cool aura of a truly 21st century president; through text messages, email and other social media outlets, such as Facebook. An appearance by Obama announcing his re-election bid will probably come at some later date to inform the rest of the country.Everything is ready for the campaign launch, which sources say could happen at any moment. The website is done, the button on the site to send a donation has been tested and shown to work, and the lists of names for calling important political supporters are written up and waiting.

Guru Axelrod Returning to Campaign

Sources have also said that David Axelrod will be back to lead the campaign and recreate his role as the Obama campaign “strategic guru.”The plan of  Obama’s campaign managers was always to launch the campaign at the very beginning of the second quarter of 2011, but this year it didn’t seem that April Fool’s Day would be such a good day to start the campaign, and the next two days were Saturday and Sunday, not the best days of the week for media in the US. Obama has a big fund-raiser already scheduled in Chicago for April 14. Organizers of the campaign hope to be able to show to the FEC that the campaign is able to raise the required funds for a successful bid for president.Jim Messina, the previous member of the West Wing staff, will probably take the role of campaign manager. He has already been conducting meetings of prospective donors throughout the country. There are a number of serious fundraisers planned in California and in New York, with the expectation that by the time everything is all said and done the campaign will have raised between ¾ to 1 billion dollars.

Alyssa Anderson

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