“Eat Your Greens!” Says Obama to Leno

First Lady Michelle Obama had quite a mission the other day – and she managed to accomplish the task. Charged with trying to convince Jay Leno to eat healthy foods, she marched onto the “Today Show” and got him munching on apples, sweet potato fries and pizza with eggplant, green peppers and zucchini.

This for the guy who once told a magazine that he hadn’t seen a vegetable since 1969. The last apple he had? That was in 1984.

Pushing the "Let's Move" Campaign

First Lady Obama’s mission on the show? To get Jay to eat some greens, of course, as she promoted her “Let’s Move!” campaign. 

And, of course, she was a grand success.  As Leno said,

"That does smell very good. I assume this is sausage-pepperoni,"

he said, while looking at the pizza with whole-wheat crust.  She also got him to eat some apple, first dipping it into some honey that can from beehives in the White House garden.

Election Preparations

On another topic, while discussing the upcoming election, First Lady Obama said that she isn’t doing anything unusual to get ready. As she said, "You know, there's really no way to mentally prepare for it. You take each day as it comes.”

And eat healthy along the way, of course.

Dan Kazan

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