Messina Fries Self with Tweet


President Obama’s campaign really should be able to do better than this.  Dana Milbank argues in a recent article in The Washington Post that Republicans are going to be faced with a struggle to attract the Latino vote. Based on their stance against the DREAM immigration reform act,the Republicans will be hard pressed to court the Latino vote, says Dana.

The Twit Tweets

Perhaps, however, not as hard pressed as the Democrats will be now. In response to the article, Jim Messina, spearheading Obama’s reelection efforts, tweeted “Line of the day from WAPO’s Dana Milbank: ‘The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos,’ “

Really? This is what we need to see from the head of Obama’s reelection efforts? Various Republican Hispanic groups are demanding an apology.  As Jennifer Sevilla Korn, the executive director of the conservative Hispanic Leadership Network, said in a statement,

“The fact that the campaign manager of President Obama’s reelection campaign thinks it’s appropriate to disseminate insulting jokes about the Hispanic community is a perfect example of the kind of empty rhetoric that characterizes this White House’s so-called outreach to Latinos. We demand that Mr. Messina immediately apologize and we ask that President Obama disavow his campaign manager’s ridiculous statement.”

The Republican National Committee also yelled as a result of the comments.

Outrage Needed by All

It’s surprising, however, to see that more groups on both side of the political spectrum aren’t outraged by Messina’s words.  Forget whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat.  Do you really want someone representing Obama insulting an entire section of the population? Such an insult really insults us all.

Apology needed, immediately.

Dan Kazan

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