Kennedy Center Awards Meted at White House

Paul-McCartneyBefore the composers, musicians, choreographers and other artists of every kind received their respective awards for lifetime achievement by the Kennedy Center on Sunday evening, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michele had a party of their own in their honor.On hand to celebrate were Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Merle Haggard, Jerry Herman and Bill Jones.This was McCartney’s second visit to the White House this year. The first time was to award the former Beatle the Gershwin Prize for popular song in July. At that affair Mr. McCartney sang his trademark song “Michele” in honor of Mrs. Obama.Real love poured out in honor of Ms. Winfrey. The Obama’s said that they “personally love this woman.””The more you know Oprah, the more spectacular you realize her character and her soul are, and the more you appreciate what a wonderful, gifted person she is.””It’s easy to forget sometimes that Oprah was once a girl with a funny name in a little town down South,” Obama said. “Nobody would have ever dreamed that she would become someone who moves an entire nation each and every day,” he added.On hand for the festivities were other well-known celebrities including the singer Diana Ross, actors Julia Roberts, Sydney Poitier and Alex Baldwin, television news host Barbara Walters and former tennis champion John McEnroe.This is the 33rd year in which The Kennedy Center has bestowed lifetime achievement awards for performing artists.

Dan Kazan

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