Joe Biden Fundraising Climbs in May

Joe Biden. Photo by Marc Nozell

May was a good month for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. His campaign announced that it raised almost $81 million just last month. Several events and circumstances are responsible for the boost in fundraising: the first was his opponents drop in the polls, and the second was Biden’s online fundraising beginning to grow more quickly.

The number of donors to the Biden campaign tripled from February to May, with a count of 1.5 million new supporters in just the past few weeks. The better numbers can be attributed to the success of the Biden Victory Fund, which is partnering with the Democratic National Committee and was established in May.

Big donors are not the only supporters of the Biden campaign; half of its May donations came from new sources and teachers are still the largest group of professionals making up the donor base for Biden.

Nevertheless, President Trump still has a significant advantage over Biden when it comes to funds at his disposal. It did not help Biden’s campaign that he rarely left his home in Wilmington, Delaware during the country’s lockdown response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden’s sheltering at home has also helped his campaign save millions of dollars. Since the candidate is not flying across the country or holding large (or any) rallies, very little money is being spent. He has even refrained from much TV advertising.

Donald Trump has been a strong motivator for people’s contributions to the Biden campaign. One organizer for Biden explained that the strong negative feelings many Democrats have to the president have led many more people to support his rival. The series of extremely unfortunate events– the pandemic; the economy crash; the George Floyd killing, and the aftermath of protests and rioting has encouraged many people to back Joe Biden.

“Nothing raises money like hatred of Trump,” said one fundraiser for Biden, who could not reveal his name due to a party confidentiality agreement.

Dan Kazan

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