Poll Reveals Divide on Affordable Care Act

Democrats and Republicans Split on Affordable Care Act

A new survey was conducted between July 9 and July 12 by Gallup designed to show whether Americans think Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act will harm or help taxpayers, businesses and those without adequate health care coverage.

The overall results show that about 60 percent of those asked believe that the new legislation will harm taxpayers; 57 percent say that ACA will make things worse for businesses; 51 percent say it make the lives of doctors worse; and 46 percent are of the opinion that ordinary people with health insurance will be harmed.

The poll revealed that 59 percent believe the law will help those who do not have health care coverage, while close to one third believe ACA will harm people with no coverage. As for those who become ill, 55 percent say the law will help them, while 34 percent say the law will end up hurting them. There is an even split on whether hospital will benefit from the law or not.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats on the issue is wide. There is an even split among Republicans on whether or not ACA is harmful or beneficial to people without health insurance, but for people who get sick, about two-thirds believe the law will help them, while one third say no. Among Democrats the difference is much greater, with only 15 percent saying the law will harm people who get sick and about 85 percent believing it will help them.

Janice Marks

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