Cybersecurity Coordinator Job Nixed by White House

Photo of John Bolton courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Trump administration is doing away with the key position of cyber security coordinator which was instituted by the Obama government. Obama saw a need to bring together in one chief who could unify the government’s approach to cybersecurity and computer warfare.

John Bolton, Trump’s new advisor on national security, is in favor of cutting the post against the advice of many experts and former government officials. The experts say that the elimination of cybersecurity coordinator is a major step in the wrong direction for federal cybersecurity policy.

The National Security Council justifies the move as part of the government’s efforts to “streamline authority” for the head directors who are in charge of most of the NSC teams.

“The role of cyber coordinator will end,” said a Bolton aide Christine Samuelian. Since the cyber team of the NSC already has two senior directors, “cyber coordination is already a core capability.”

The move to eliminate the job was prompted by the departure of Rob Joyce, Trump’s first coordinator. He came from the NSA and will be returning to Fort Meade. Policy experts, lawmakers and former officials connected to cybersecurity warned Trump not to eliminate the position, but to hire someone to replace Joyce.

“I don’t see how getting rid of the top cyber official in the White House does anything to make our country safer from cyber threats,” tweeted Mark Warner (D-Va.), Senate Intelligence ranking member.

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