Colbert Running for Congress? Yes and No

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and Brother Stephen
Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and Brother Stephen

The sister of political commentator/comedian Stephen Colbert has announced her intention to run for the now available Congressional seat which was created when Tim Scott ran for and was elected to the Senate.

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch will run as a Democrat for the 1st District of her home state of South Carolina. She is a political guppy despite her brother’s expertise as a political comedian and host of Comedy Central, having no previous experience in the world of politics.

Colbert-Busch is the director of sales and marketing at Clemson University. Her previous employment was as a top marketing woman for Orient Overseas Container Line.

“I think she’s a very talented person. I think she’s got the ability to raise money. I think she can create a contrast with the Republican candidate – certainly Mark Sanford,” South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian said.

Colbert-Busch will need to go head to head against the Republican runner, Mark Sanford, a race sure to create a stir. Sanford will be trying to jump start his political career with this election bid. He is the disgraced ex-governor who was embroiled in a scandal of having an affair with an Argentinian woman in 2009. Despite the other Republicans seeking this seat, Sanford is the favored candidate.

Sanford looks at himself as a “wounded warrior.”

“It’s hard,” Sanford said. “I’m scared to death in human terms. I mean, as I say, I’m a wounded warrior. I’m going to step out as best I can and try and advance ideas that I’ve long believed in. But it’s not without fear and trepidation because you know you’re going to get hit, and you’re going to get hit hard.”

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