Cantor Sets Agenda in Memo to Colleagues

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

With the passage of the immigration reform bill in the Senate on June 27, it is now time for the House to begin work on formulating new guidelines for border security and other related issues.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Republican from Virginia, sent a memo to his colleagues preparing them for the upcoming debate:

“The House may begin consideration of the border security measures that have been passed by the Homeland Security and Judiciary Committees and begin reviewing other immigration proposals,” Cantor wrote in a memo to fellow House Republicans.

This is the first hint that discussions on immigration could begin this month in the House. The approach Republicans take on this issue will most likely be highly influenced by what happens at a conference-wide meeting scheduled for this Wednesday. Cantor alluded to this in his memo:

“I look forward to our special conference on July 10th on how to fix … our broken immigration system,” Cantor wrote.

A border-security bill was unanimously cleared by the House Homeland Security Committee this past May. The House Judiciary Committee, which has taken responsibility for the majority of immigration laws, passed a bill that would give state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law, among other provisions.

Cantor’s memo included other issues which he believes are a priority for the coming month, including a new farm bill and legislation related to energy issues. There are also five spending bills which could come up for discussion in July: energy and water; defense; financial services; transportation and housing and urban development; and agriculture. Cantor said that Republicans will “consider the options moving forward on Obamacare.”

“This month will show the American people that our agenda is about making life work, stopping government abuse, and providing opportunities to every citizen through a quality education and better job prospects,” Cantor wrote.

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