Lighting the Political Fire on Immigration

One of the most hotly contested political debates at the moment focusing on immigration reform. On Thursday, President Barack Obama called for an end to blocking immigration reform. Certainly, this is one of the hottest topics for the 2012 elections.

Hispanic People of Influence

At the White House on Thursday, Obama met activists and influential Hispanic people and emphasized his desire to pursue congressional action on issues that are important to the Latino community. He met with such personalities as screen star Eva Longoria and America Ferrara. In a statement from the White House it said, “The president reiterated his deep disappointment that congressional action on immigration reform has stalled.”

Raising Voices for Immigration Rights

Obama added that “more voices are needed to elevate the immigration debate beyond the politics, false debates, and rhetoric that have dominated the issue.”The topic of immigration reform, including citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants, hasn’t even reached Congress yet since Obama’s inauguration. Obama has placed the blame for this situation on a Republican “blockade” of the issues involved.On the flip side, Obama critics are accusing the president of bringing these issues up to gain favor in the eyes of growing Hispanic voters, while knowing that the actual reform measures will never pass.The last time that these reforms were attempted was during President George W. Bush’s second term, when the failed reforms sparked heated political partisanship.

Danielle Stoneman

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